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Friday, 30 January 2015

Kiwi cockroaches

This is an extract from the Wanganui chronicle,  New Zealand. The article written by
Reports on the increased numbers of creepy crawlies due to the hot weather...  Less likely here in England (snow, cold etc)

One of the reasons why I fear and hate cockroaches that pushed me into writing 'Phobic Wars "

Wanganui East and Springvale houses are especially likely to have Gisborne cockroaches, which like to live in cracks and crannies and come indoors in winter. They sometimes arrive in junk mail, because it is distributed from a property with a lot of the cockroaches nearby.

People don't like Gisborne cockroaches because they look scary - but they don't spread disease like American cockroaches.

Also on the undesirable list are bedbugs, blood-sucking parasites that move to new places on people, in clothing and in luggage. 

Full report

Autograph anyone

Easy to get an electronic autograph on your ebook copy of my book via the Authorcentre. 

 Ram Gulrajani uses Authorgraph to connect personally with readers.

Click "Request Authorgraph" and include a message to Ram to receive a personalized inscription that you can view in your favorite reading apps and devices.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

SUPER BOWL XLIX: Cockroaches force polar bear prediction

One of the more popular attractions at the North Carolina Zoo has made her prediction for Super Bowl XLIX.

Anana, a 15-year-old polar bear, was given a choice between a paper mache football with the New England Patriots and another sporting the Seattle Seahawks logo.

The footballs were filled with Anana's favorite snack -- cockroaches.

After a few moments of deciding, the polar bear chose the Seahawks.

With tongue in cheek, the zoo said it had no knowledge if the Patriots' football had fewer cockroaches in it or not.


Maybe Anana should have chosen Phobic Wars...  Packed with cockroaches...


4 Stars for the Dentists

🌟🌟🌟🌟 review on Amazon
Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)

If you hate going to the dentist......
If,like me, you really hate going to the dentist--this mystery of serial killing dentists is just for you--the "accidental" deaths are so over the top that they are really funny.
My only problem with the book is that these amazing dental deaths are never explained--I kept wondering how these murders were achieved.
Story is over the top--but highly entertaining.

Great reading really... Try

Celebrity Endorsement

Dies a retweet from a famous personality constitute Endorsement of a product?
I have had several retweeted entries on my blog and on twitter.

The have included @glenn_hughes,  @TVSanjeev among others.

It's helpful and flattering but is it Endorsement?

Your opinions would be valued.

Geography fail

Check out @Author_man_ram's Tweet:


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Millionaires row

Hoping for a big win on the lottery draws tonight in the UK?
Lottery hopes dashed again?
Is there a dark side to being a millionaire?

My inaugural book 'Legally Lucky' addressed this head on.
It is a fictional creation based on many interactions with ordinary people who share the dream, hope and aspirations of a massive change to their bank balance.  A chance to never want for anything and the opportunity to have everything.  This is in the hope that money would be the key to external happiness.

The story twists and turns,  court room scenes, full of highs and lows,  racism and deceit. In the end it is family and friends that are the true treasure.

A great story with a moral message.

You will never regret or forget reading 'Legally Lucky'.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Phobic Wars anyone?

Cockroach mayhem

nsects are being eradicated causing an imbalance in nature,  altlatians return to save the cockroaches and the world...


Amazon book match

Purchase any of these paperback editions and get the kindle ebook edition free


Unexplained phenomenon in hospitals

Having spent most of my adult life and my whole professional career in hospitals and health care,  I decided to embark on writing Phantasms in the Infirmary.
Well I thought it had some mileage,  with lots of unexplained phenomena occurring daily,  well nightly.
It was a way of telling these stories to those who worked in the same sector and those who pondered on what strange and sinister things happen outside of the obvious. Ghostly staff and patients that linger in the vacuous vaults and corridors of these buildings.
Buildings whose purpose was to look after the sick and injured in society.
Obviously the poetic licence takes these stories into another realm,  another dimension for the sake of entertainment.
However they are based on fact!
The book is a collection of only some of these myths and legends.  They all happen in one hospital but this is a made up place.  It would be unfair to any particular health establishment to be named.

The project took its time and in order to make it more appealing,  I solicited my wife's contribution.  Julie herself had some stores to tell...
The end result,  a well written, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable read.

Pick up your copy on Amazon Kindle and paperback now.  You won't regret it!
Maybe you will,  the next time you are in hospital though.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Blog on the go

Smart phone technology is so advanced,  one can blog on the go...
Just off to the gym and in keeping with my pledge to post daily,  have started to write this on my way to some torturous exercise... 
I'm on call this week so must make the best of every moment!
Good evening by the way...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Refreshingly frightening

Phantasms in the Infirmary
#Hospital #horror #collection
If you like to meet the Phantasms lurking in the corridors and wards of hospitals,  then this is the read you need...

However,  if you are of a nervous disposition,  don't read our book.... Don't click this link... BOO!!


Everything comes to he who waits....
In 1976 Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stock in Apple for $800 - today it would be worth nearly $60 billion!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Mental Dental... Psychological Thriller


Click on the link above to find a book with a difference...
Psycho killers on the loose,  drills at the ready....

Cockroach types. From entomology today

Cockroach types, an article from entomology today.
Interesting and relevant to my book.. Phobic Wars.

"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia." - Charles Schulz


#Mummy #film #like 'Bugs, I hate bugs...' if so read this #PhobicWars

Ghosts galore

Free kindle version if you purchase a paperback version

A little reminder...  Ir you Purchase and paperback format book of mine,  you get the kindle edition free...


Friday, 23 January 2015

Horror hospital

Horror hospital

Prepare to have chills down your spine

Phantasms in the Infirmary
Supreme spectral stories collected and crammed into one book.
These hospital ghosts and ghoulish goings on have been shared with the authors and passed on to you.
They are good old fashioned horror stories not blood and gore as the modern horror model has taken on...

What are your thoughts on this?
Has there been a change in writing horror?
Is the modern slant better or do you hanker for the Hammer House of Horror / Frankenstein / Dracula days instead of the newer version of horror?

Phantasms in the Infirmary is the book for you.

Please login to your Amazon page and either download a kindle version or classic paperback book is also available.

Whichever you decide on,  you will be guaranteed to enjoy the collection.

Euro millions dream

It's another draw on the European lottery tonight.
So how will this change your life?
We all believe that it could only make life easier,  quality and value,  being able to afford some luxury and even enjoy some excesses.

However what if it went wrong?
Legally Lucky...  My first book,  examines this.
The possibility is endless but it soon became apparent to the main protagonist, being filthy rich had very negative consequences.
It is a work of fiction but it addresses the other side of being a millionaire.  Life is precious and living the playboy lifestyle in mansions and draping oneself in riches is not what life is about.
Get your copy of Legally Lucky today by clicking on the following link...


Enjoy the ride and please remember to treasure what you have.  Live every moment

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Ghostly grouping

A Preternature of ghosts
The collective noun for a group of or collection of ghosts...  So what is the noun for a collection of short stories of ghosts?
Who cares,  read it... 😂

Can humanity be saved?


A book,  for £0.99
Practically giving it away...

A story full of highs and lows...  Complete with mystery, myth and mayhem.
Insects that are eradicated to the point of extinction to do the world a favour only to be resurrected in order to save humanity from a fate worse than death.

Read it and keep up with the twists and turns of a thoroughly enjoyable tale with an exoskeleton-smashing conclusion .

Also...  A real Atlantis

A peek inside Phantasms in the Infirmary

Ghostly visitations...  A peek at the content of Phantasms in the Infirmary

The young student turned around to face the dark corridor, puzzled by the patient’s description of the nurse, especially as no nurses in the hospital wore white uniforms. Furthermore, hats had not been worn by nurses in decades. It was then that her questions were answered as she saw the nurse that had assisted her patients call for help.

Joleyne was now facing a very pale looking figure, almost translucent in her white uniform and white hat in situ looking back at them.

A pale face starred at her, a pallor that seemed to glow against the contrasting deep darkness in the background.

Although she stood only a few feet away she could not recognise this nurse. It certainly wasn’t Emma or Maggie.

Intriguing...  Want to read more?
Then download a copy of Phantasms in the Infirmary from Amazon on kindle or get your paperback copy on createspace... If you dare!!!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Phobic Wars... Main character

Meet Joey,  one of the main protagonists of Phobic Wars

'Joey was a smart, mature and well adjusted individual.
He was going places in life, so long as there were no roaches involved. He had the potential to be a great leader of men, either in the political arena or in business, he could achieve anything. However, these episodes made Joey and his nearest and dearest wonder what he would amount to; surely no person could feel safe if the person in command responded like this to a diminutive insect?
What would this be interpreted as? How can you respect someone who is so frightened of an insect? Is the sign of some fragility a positive trait? This was not a question that needed answering, however Joey pondered on it, on his weakness.'


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Retweet from the rock legend

I had a retweet for this blog from the rock legend Glenn Hughes.
The voice of rock,  a talented bassist,  football fan,  although a wolves supporter and wonderful human being.

Thanks Glenn


Facebook page... Open to your likes

Please like my Facebook author page
Great place to interact,  please say hello

Snippets from Phobic Wars

Phobic Wars IS available on Kindle countdown deal now....  Deal

My second book : written with many objectives in mind....
To educate,  explore and entertain...
The initial section is fact based,  intending to inform the reader on the subject.

Anxiety at some level has been experienced by virtually all individuals for a variety of reasons and caused by a myriad of triggers with a multitude of outcomes. Some with a good result, most with not so good a conclusion. For the majority, mild phobic symptoms do not have a major impact in their functionality, displaying tolerable and reasonable responses which at most can be seen as irritating and somewhat laughable.   For other people, the exposure to the same trigger can cause an irrational fear of the exact same trigger but very unlike the acceptable and normal response. This can be classified as a phobia. This negative phobic response causes the sufferer to feel fear, but eventual embarrassment and shame at the obvious 'over reaction' to their phobic source. This is further aggravated by the emotional states of the sufferer which may include some or all of the following: anger, shame, guilt or sadness; blended with the paralysing fear that can be experienced when confronted with the causative perpetrator.

Phobias are far from being uncommon and many a famous person has developed and suffered from phobias. Aviophobia is the fear of flying. Some of the famous sufferers have included Singer Aretha Franklin, Hollywood stars like Whoopi Goldberg, and even the ultra famous world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (incidentally, no mention of Buddy Holly in the research, shame as this could have been a positive in his career…). Hydrophobic sufferers (a fear of water) included Actor Natalie Wood. The disturbing fact about this was that Natalie Wood drowned in a boating accident in 1981. Other famous phobics include Tennis star Andre Agassi who has a fear of spiders (Arachnophobic), Adolf Hitler was claustrophobic and another infamous member of this phobia party includes Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the emperor of France who suffered from ailurophobia, a fear of cats. Le meow to that mon petit monsieur.   One phobia that needs a special mention is the fear of the number 666, the number of the- beast. This is known as Hexakosioihexakontahexaphobia … wow, how many points can be obtained on a scrabble board with this one?

The rest of it is a journey into myth,  fiction,  humour and 'green / environmental issues.... Here's a wee snippet

Like a scene out of the Tom and Jerry cartoon strips, the scream was ear-piercingly loud.
‘Shoo it away’, ‘Kill it quickly’ was the urgent plea, as the words echoed in the wake of the chaos caused by a grown-up clambering nervously on a kitchen chair.

Unlike the cartoons, this was not the female cook, screaming and shouting, scared of the teeny-weeny mouse, approaching the hem of her skirt. This was a six foot tall strapping man, fourteen stone, strong, able bodied and otherwise imposing yet he was screaming and panicking.   What was the fuss all about?   Not a mouse but an even smaller life form, in this instance its rough dimensions were 3cm x 0.5cm with a myriad of legs, gingery brown and shiny in colour with long whiskers … a cockroach.

Want to read more....?  Click

Phobias, Myths and Fiction

Kindle Countdown Deal
Please help yourselves to a copy of this dynamic and daring book.
It is inspired by my sheer disgust of cockroaches. From the way they look, how the move and certainly where they come from.
Having been brought up in Gibraltar where the cockroaches are humongous and disgustingly daring, I made a decision to share this with you all.
The story is quite an intricate one that interweaves two separate stories and mythology of Atlantis into it.
It is the fictional link between Cockroaches and the demise of Atlantis that make this book so enjoyable, even if i say so myself.
It is now available at a fraction of the price so please read it and share your views.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Atlantis evidence

Atlantis links found.

Interesting article uncovering evidence?


Phobic Wars  my second book... IS based on Atlantian mythology...

Check it out on Amazon.


I read an article about publishing today...
Great quote to paraphrase :

The daily business of publishing hasn’t changed: It is about discovering talented new writers and introducing them to readers.

Offers galore

Two offers on Amazon Kindle

Please follow the link below and capitalise on these offers


Download,  share and Enjoy

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Fantastic Phantasms


Phantasms in the Infirmary....
Have you ever questioned what you are seeing?
Are you daydreaming or nocturnal dreaming?
Is the image in your minds eye?
Does it make this vision less real or valid?
This is a book centred on fact.. Experiences in many hospital wards and departments over many years by colleagues.
These are expanded / shared stories addressing some of the many unexplained and unexpected encounters with Angels or demons in healthcare settings .
Imagination or visitations?

The book is there for reading.... Don't have nightmares.

Kindle Countdown Deal.. Phobic Wars

Kindle Countdown Deal
On now.... January 18, 2015
January 25, 2015 160 hours
In Progress

Click  /stamp on the link


Number #6

Legally Lucky

Free downloads... Thick and fast...

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Free Book Promotion on Amazon Kindle

Free Book Promotion
My first novel...  Legally Lucky.

An intrepid story of luck, friendship and strength,  mix in a little money, well millions really.  Then add in terrorism and racism, topped up with court hearings and you have Legally Lucky!

It's a promo on Amazon Kindle.
Read this and then read my other books... 
Sunday January 18, 2015 To January 22, 2015
It's scheduled for 5 days


Words books and literature

Wrap the right words around the right ideas and create a great piece of literature.
That is my aim.
Here are my first attempts...


Comments please

Political Snow

I posted a short video of the first snow shower we have had this winter.
A friend of mine in Scotland quoted:
Hahaha. Your snow falls vertically, how quaint. It looks almost pleasant. Not like the horizontally flying 80mph ice flakes we call snow up here. ❄️
My reply :
Lol even the English snow is different...  Should the SNP used that as grounds for separation from UK...? #PoliticalSnow
His reply :
They might use it next this space.
Although Glasgow is under snow, it's remarkably warm and sunny up here the day. Love this global warming! 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Ouch, horrible response

Doing some tweeting and had a freaky response... Then blocked...  Touchy!!

Best thing maybe would be to ignore my tweet...  It would have been enough Clinton Books...  Happy New year to you too!!


TGF - Thanks God its Friday
Another long week has finished.
A very mixed week with all the terror and turmoil in the world, including the NHS!
Its been a demanding one, especially after the Moroccan break however perseverance and determination has its uses...

Looking forward to some family time and relaxation over the weekend.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Love books

Love books
Don't mistake this link for advice on relationships or sexual prowess...

This is a link to my author page on Amazon 😂

It's a site where you can access some great deals and good sellers if you 'love books'

Hidden treasure

So many hours devoted to producing a creative piece that engages and entertains.
Writing a book is hard work but fun.
It is the process akin to whittling out a statuette from a piece of crude timber.
The elements of paper, ink, words etc are there.
The author juggles, forms and creates a formated piece of ideas and thoughts that are shared publicly with good faith.

There are hidden treasures out in the ether that are waiting to be discovered.

Be brave,  take a plunge and dare to read new authors...

Overwhelming choice

There is an overwhelming choice of books available in paperback or Kindle.
How do we differentiate them from others?
Why would you choose specific ones and not others?
What makes a book successful?
How do we get them read?  Is it possible a masterpiece could remain hidden?
Is it the heavy support of the publishing machine and it's hunt for return on investment?

There are loads of possibilities out there that can cause a book to go viral... Despite it's quality? It remains a mystery..

It is such an impossible answer...  If one says read my book...  Does it really cause a negative and put readers off?

My reasons for writing are to share the stories with others. 
I love the fact I have an imagination, I am creative and daring enough to put my neck on the line and brave enough to take a plunge...

I'm Proud of the books I've written and hopefully others will appreciate the reason and beauty of them.

Any ideas for increasing readership would be appreciated though..

Fiction Author with a different outlook

Having written four books, I am enjoying the prospect of completing another work of fiction.
I've tried to be different, innovative and exciting in my writing.
All the books are original and make a great read without padding out the stories.
So give them a try,  read them and share your experiences.
Legally Lucky,  Phobic Wars, Mental Dental (MBP) and Phantasms in the Infirmary are out there...  Discovery awaits.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Ghosts galore... Discounts for premium horror

Scary wards and haunted hospital horror stories.
Remember it's available on kindle and paperback format.
A great read for the budding ghost Hunter and health care professionals too.
Much of the book is based on true occurrences.
Read it and enjoy.


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Phantasms in the Infirmary... Deal

Kindle Countdown Deal for Phantasms in the Infirmary...

Kindle Countdown Deal
January 13, 2015 through to January 18, 2015

120 hour(s) Scheduled chance to grab a bargain

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Moroccan skies

Inspiration from moroccan marvel...
The changing world is a slowly becoming much the same,  every high Street has the same stores,  shops etc.  Most cities could be anywhere as they all look and feel the same.
Well not in Marrakesh.
It's still a hubbub of multicultural mixes,  colour and texture.
Walking through the souk in the medina today was inspired.
Yes a little hard work, non the less,  brilliant.  Great banter and fun,  bartering for goods and great tea. 
Marrakesh,  you rock!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Best selling Novel

Mental Dental... Following some downloads,  it is going up in the Amazon Bestsellers Ranking: #63,001 Paid in Kindle Store.

To help it up the charts..  Click on the following link

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

7th January... 6pm, appointment with the dentists

The date...  WEDNESDAY 7th January
The time... 18:00 hrs
The venue..
How long... 72 hours only
The product. Mental Dental (MBP) Kindle countdown deal
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The link....  Author page

Reminder of special offers

Folks,  this is a gentle reminder

Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
Is available tomorrow at a MASSIVE DISCOUNT...

72 hours of madness
Get 70% Off the kindle edition of Mental Dental.. From 6pm on 7th January to 6pm on 10th January 2015....

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Books written for young adults and adults alike

Books written for All

Ram 😎 click the link

Please check out my Authorcentre and explore the range of books
Written for All

Themes include millionaires, dreams, Atlantis, insects, Cockroaches, hospital ghosts, killer dentists exploring themes such as gambling, racism,  myths, sports, football, phobias,  psychopaths and dreams... 💮

They are targeted at the young adults and adults alike.

🔓 unlock the Secrets... A chance for your imagination to work and escape into great stories.

Four to start of with and more to follow in the next year.

They are in English but soon to be translated into Spanish.

Watch this space... discover and enjoy


72 hours of madness
Get 70% Off the kindle edition of Mental Dental.. From 6pm on 7th January to 6pm on 10th January 2015....

Follow the link

The key to the gates of hell

Phantasms in the Infirmary
One of the stories contained in this compilation of chilling tales is entitled 'The key to the gates of hell'
The story is based on a an occurrence on one night in an old hospital I worked in.
All hell broke loose...
Read all about it and more.
Available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle and paperback format.
Enjoy and don't have nightmares

Look no further

The read you aspire to read is here. Look no further than this link.

This link will open the site for you to get a copy of this collection of supernatural short stories.  A wonderful paperback book,  black on cream paper,  to give it a more app atmosphere.
The cover is a glossy finish allowing the ghostly nurse to shine through the front with the ecg tracing running through it.
The important thing however, is the content... This is packed with cleverly written ghoulish goings on in the fictitious hospital.
It's the past meeting the present,  good and some evil.

Nuns,  nurses, patients, doctors and porters,  anyone who has been in a hospital can relate to these stories.

Make it your mission to read this.

Friday, 2 January 2015


I just finished that book by Shakespeare.
Which one?
William of course!!!

Discover books,  read, enjoy and learn from them. 
If used correctly,  there is nothing more powerful than words...

Facebook page

Please click,  like and follow

Misunderstood middle child

Phobic Wars, my second book and my leap into blending fiction, scifi and legends together plus a dash of phobia to boot.
The book itself needs a revision which I am aiming to get done this year.
The story however, I think is brilliant.
I thought it was clever and original.
People seemed to shy away from it,  maybe because for a long while it only carried one review and it was bad...

It has been read by other readers and received good reviews.
This is great as my 'misunderstood middle child' is a great addition to my family of books.
Thoroughly enjoyed writing this and I am sure once you read it,  you too will enjoy it.  Click on the following link...


Thursday, 1 January 2015

International hospital hauntings

As a British writer with aspirations of an international readership,  I have tried to write less specifically to British slants and make it international.
Phantasms in the Infirmary Amazon is intended to provide the international reader a ghostly ride.
The short stories within are not specifically designed for any country in particular.
The fictional hospital could be any hospital in any city in any country in the world.
By doing this it enables the reader to transport themselves into the corridors and wards of the hospital and re-live the tales.
Doctor, nurse,  patient or other,  if you have been in a hospital,  anywhere,  you can relate to the hauntings.

Help makepPhantasms in the Infirmary a big hit in 2015. 

Please share with your circles and when read, enjoy and please leave a  review 

New year discount

If you want a five dollar discount on createspace for Phantasms in the Infirmary for a copy of the paperback.  Enter the following code P435P7S4 on this website