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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Obsession of the Damned £0.99

Well written and intriguing thriller Obsession of the Damned
Is on an Amazing Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal on and
£0.99 or $0.99

My latest book, is a killer thriller sequel to Mental Dental. 

Limited time to access this deal.

From 4th of January 2017 for a very limited period. Then it goes back to its normal price. Capitalise on the offer.

Don't forget to read Mental Dental too.....

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Super hero roaches

An excellent article By Erika Engelhaupt
PUBLISHED DECEMBER 23, 2016. (national geographic)

The piece I liked best was about Cockroaches.
Especially after writing Phobic Wars.

Cockroaches can wriggle through a crack the height of two stacked pennies in under a second, shrug off being squished by 900 times their body weight, and run at speeds equivalent to a human sprinting 200 miles per hour.
And if that doesn’t have you squirming, scientists captured it all on video. After building a roach-squishing machine (no roaches were injured) and a series of tiny tunnels, Berkeley scientists filmed American cockroaches pushing themselves through crevices and running at nearly top speed—while squished.

The purpose behind all this roach-squishing might freak you out, too. The researchers are building robots that mimic cockroaches, with jointed exoskeletons that allow them to squeeze through small spaces. So, someday you might be rescued from a tight spot by a roach-bot.

See why I wrote Phobic Wars?

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Author on the BBC

I'm being interviewed on BBC Essex on Dec 27th regarding a New Town project... Why we came and what made us stay?
The interview is on at 07:00 GMT

This is part of the project Michael from YourHarlow.Com has been working on.
It commemorates 70 years of Harlow new town.
The latter sounds like a mammoth task and an interesting piece...  I'm doing 1985.

The BBC piece involves an overview of experiences and evolution of the town I adopted as my home 31 years ago.

It's also a great opportunity to plug my books...
Tune in and listen.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

If life were a song

If your life were a song what would it be?
Would it play for every moment or just the ones that you see?

If the beat represented the activity of your heart?
Would the tempo increase when loved ones are apart?

Are there are changes in the song
Or is it the same all along?

My song would be full of changes and tempo
Has my life been boring... Well Hell No!

My song is full of guitars and percussion                                   Mimicking love,  laughter and passion 

The song is not written as the life is not ended
My song is one no one else has attempted.

It's exciting and certainly unique
Not perfect maybe but it's bit reached its peak

It's full of high notes and a fair scattering of low ones
Remixed and rewound and blessed with the birth of my sons.

The rest is building up into forceful crescendo
And how will it end,  I certainly don't know.

But until that time
I'm happy to hum my rhyme
Whistling softly and gaze at the moon.
God please, don't let this song end too soon.

© Ram Gulrajani  2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all
A time of festive cheer and having a ball.
A time for remembering, giving and sharing
Where it's all about kindness, love and caring.
Spare a thought and a prayer
For those who aren't there.
Festive wishes of good cheer
Thoughts to last all year.
Reminded of those who go without
And peace and love to the world throughout.

As we enjoy time with family and loved ones
Remind yourselves you are the lucky ones.
Never forgetting the joy in giving
Is special and better than receiving.

Seasons greetings which will endeavour
May peace and love reign forever.
Merry Christmas...

© Ram Gulrajani 2016

Visiting time

Phantasms in the Infirmary... Care to visit? Visiting time is open now Video

Contemporary literature

Shakespeare they are not but these are modern classics in a readable form.
Ebooks-kindle and paperback versions of contemporary fiction.
Legally Lucky, Phobic Wars, Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy), Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol I and Vol II plus The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary,  Fantasmas en el Hospital, Hilarity in the Hills and the latest book to choose from Obsession of The Damned.
They are unique pieces of modern literature, written to set the imagination on overdrive and disengage the reader from the stresses of modern life.  They are short, entertaining and ingenious.

There are several reasons to read them and none not to,  including price.

Give someone you love, including yourself, a novel to enjoy.

How,  well for onto your local Amazon website and let your fingers and mouse do the choosing.

Merry Christmas and allow your mind to explore what the words guide you to.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Then they all clicked

For some reason, there have been several downlands of my books in the last week.
No, I'm not complaining but would love to know why?
So I can replicate the formula when needed ...

Here's the link again.. RPG Books

All I can say is thanks and enjoy, pass the word around and happy Christmas.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Readable and very affordable

Phantasms in the Infirmary Vol II
It's available on kindle Countdown Deal for only 0.99

Click here and get reading about spooks, ghosts, nurses, unwelcome visitors galore in the haunted hospital.

Download and read the follow up book to the cracking Phantasms in the Infirmary.

My treat

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hilarious belly laughs aplenty

3pm: The phone rang incessantly with the urgency of the pre-programmed ringtone. “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons”, a relaxing piece of music, spoilt by the lack of bass, tone and instrumentation the cheap speaker granted.
Frances finally picked the receiver up. ‘Hello?’ she enquired.
After a few seconds, her facial expression changed and a desperate ‘No you are kidding’ accompanied her sudden change in mood.
‘Can they do that at this stage?’ she asked the caller.

Pierce was anxiously gesticulating and mouthing out ‘who is it?’ and ‘what is wrong?’ but to no avail.

Frances was busy in conversation, trying her best to ignore him and concentrate on the conversation on the phone. She eventually gestured for him to give her some space and he left her to it, unable to imagine what was to follow… he obliged, knowing only too well it was not worth getting in-between Frances and her phone calls.

Prior to this call, all had been upbeat and chirpy in the Farley household. Their up and coming, eagerly awaited annual holiday was finally around the corner, they were due to leave in a matter of hours.
‘It’s been a long few months, we need a long and relaxing break and this year we are going away with my sister and her family’ Frances exclaimed.
‘The boys are getting older and when we next know it, they will be off to university, getting married and will want to go on holiday on their own’ she continued.
‘I want us to do something exciting and fun’.
Pierce nodded his head and smiled, agreeing with his wife’s suggestion of a fun holiday. Summer holiday are a period of rest and fun with a chance to recharge ones batteries and face life with rejuvenated vigour.

The annual vacation had been many months in preparation in order to get it right. With children to cater for and entertain, the two families needed everything to be just right especially as this was the first holiday in the 21st century.

However things start to go desperately wrong as the comedy tragedy develops.

Hilarity in the Hills... Is based on a true story.
It's not fiction as such but has been embellished a little for poetic licence.

It's a sweet and unassuming read with giggles and belly laughs to boot.

Please read it,  experience it and review it...

Available on Amazon Kindle and paperback format.
Go onto my author page and enjoy
Rams Author page

Dentistry surprise

After writing Mental Dental and Obsession of the Damned, I think the fear I have of being at the dentist is pretty clear.
I went for a checkup yesterday and much to my surprise, Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) was on display within the glass top of the large coffee table in the waiting room.
I was too embarrassed to take a photo but I felt pretty proud...
My dentist them said 'did you see your book on display?'
'yes indeed' was the only reply I gave.
He asked me for some copies to sell in the practice... 

My question is: what do I do?

Answers in an email please....

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Foxes scent

We were just on a long winter's walk with our pooch, RosieG.
Normally a well behaved and fairly obedient individual... Not today!
She ran off whilst we whistled and called but she ignored us.
She ran up one of the hills and then the most cringing moment came. The classic roll on the strong scent RosieG had honed in on.
What poses man's best friends to apply the stinking, pungent fox poo on themselves?
We called again and she came but now letting off a foul malodorous stench not unlike a drain.

The relaxation of the winter walk now became a mission to return home and immerse our smelly hound in a disinfectant /dog shampoo bath.

RosieG hates the bath but it had to be done and with the smell neutralised, life returned to normal without the uninvited stench of fantastic Mr Fox!

Friday, 9 December 2016

A murderous sort

Meet Dr. Stephen Lambe, DDS.
Dentist, murderer, psychopath and the embodiment of darkness and doom.
Was it his fault he was slightly less nice than the norm?

After all, he was left to be brought up by his dysfunctional dad and led to his strange, maladaptive and dangerous behaviours developing.

Stephen Lambe’s heart was far from right. He was evil to the core. He unquestionably needed to be incarcerated in a high security prison and was sent to HMP Frankland in the North East of the country. He was a smooth operator and never seemed to express much emotion. He was cool, calm and collected..  DANGEROUS.

Lambe was one of the trio of killer dentists involved in the mayhem and murder in Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy).
Thankfully incarcerated but did this stop his manipulation and proxy chaos?
The follow up novel, Obsession of The Damned may interest you if you want to find out more.

Well worth a read.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Holiday giggles

Happy Holiday giggling... 

A fun book of a memorable yet funny holiday in France...  It will be in Kindle Countdown Deal on and from just before Christmas till just after...  Spread the word

Make an entry on your diary for a download... 20th December 2016

Hilarity in the Hills...  By Ram Gulrajani 

Only 0.99 for the holiday season
Hilarity in the Hills

If you are into paperback... Go to

Monday, 5 December 2016

Fantastic Phantasms and Spooks


The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary
Collected, collated, extrapolated and created... This is a bumper compilation of chilling tales of hospital horror, ghosts, hauntings, spectral activity and poltergeists.
Includes the Nun of Death, witchcraft, ouija boards and phantom staff clocking in for work.
Dark spirits and angels... There's something for everyone and... It's only 0.99
Click on the link above and capitalise on this offer on kindle.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Freedom & the circle of life

Fantastic processes... Reading a work of fiction should be  a release from the constraints of life.
Freedom for your mind to escape and fly into a world of imagination.
A world where you paint the pictures in your mind from the words you read on paper or a screen.
Connections with the author and their penmanship, their translation of thought wave and ideas to recognisable word form.
This then hopefully converts into  word of mouth and recognition, passing the experiences of reading to others through a review that then turns into writing for others to refer to... The circle of life, author style!!

Free yourself from reading the same books,  challenge your mind and date to be different... Read my books and share the experiences... Do not be afraid to enjoy an independent author's work.

Obsession... Not by CK!!

A stimulating novela.

Obsession of the Damned addresses the evil that is possible by humans.
The challenge is to crack the case and second guess what happens next.
A truly memorable mystery thriller, a powerful story that takes the reader, you, to the brink of tragedy and beyond.
Everyone will be moved by what happens to the main protagonist, Dr Jessie Stack as she once again faces psychological pain and near death experiences.

Download an ebook or purchase a very readable paperback.

Obsession of the Damned...  Not by Calvin Kline

Weekend Madness

Weekend Madness
The working week is over, time to let our hair down...  However some of us are on call.  So please spare a thought for workers all over the world.
Monday can't come quick enough sometimes.
7days on-call, 24/7... Roll on next week so I can celebrate by sleeping with both eyes closed!!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The big push

A little reminder that this whopper of a short story compilation is available on kindle Countdown Deal Now

Go crazy and scare yourself a little.. Spooky goings on in Infirmary wards. Old buildings haunted by all sorts!

Kindle Countdown Deal is planned for and scheduled for 1st December.

It will only cost 0.99 on both and sites... 

Hospital ghost stories galore...

So for the new ghosts of Christmas past and present... Download a copy of The Ultimate Phantasms in the Infirmary