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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Snippets from Phobic Wars

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My second book : written with many objectives in mind....
To educate,  explore and entertain...
The initial section is fact based,  intending to inform the reader on the subject.

Anxiety at some level has been experienced by virtually all individuals for a variety of reasons and caused by a myriad of triggers with a multitude of outcomes. Some with a good result, most with not so good a conclusion. For the majority, mild phobic symptoms do not have a major impact in their functionality, displaying tolerable and reasonable responses which at most can be seen as irritating and somewhat laughable.   For other people, the exposure to the same trigger can cause an irrational fear of the exact same trigger but very unlike the acceptable and normal response. This can be classified as a phobia. This negative phobic response causes the sufferer to feel fear, but eventual embarrassment and shame at the obvious 'over reaction' to their phobic source. This is further aggravated by the emotional states of the sufferer which may include some or all of the following: anger, shame, guilt or sadness; blended with the paralysing fear that can be experienced when confronted with the causative perpetrator.

Phobias are far from being uncommon and many a famous person has developed and suffered from phobias. Aviophobia is the fear of flying. Some of the famous sufferers have included Singer Aretha Franklin, Hollywood stars like Whoopi Goldberg, and even the ultra famous world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (incidentally, no mention of Buddy Holly in the research, shame as this could have been a positive in his career…). Hydrophobic sufferers (a fear of water) included Actor Natalie Wood. The disturbing fact about this was that Natalie Wood drowned in a boating accident in 1981. Other famous phobics include Tennis star Andre Agassi who has a fear of spiders (Arachnophobic), Adolf Hitler was claustrophobic and another infamous member of this phobia party includes Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the emperor of France who suffered from ailurophobia, a fear of cats. Le meow to that mon petit monsieur.   One phobia that needs a special mention is the fear of the number 666, the number of the- beast. This is known as Hexakosioihexakontahexaphobia … wow, how many points can be obtained on a scrabble board with this one?

The rest of it is a journey into myth,  fiction,  humour and 'green / environmental issues.... Here's a wee snippet

Like a scene out of the Tom and Jerry cartoon strips, the scream was ear-piercingly loud.
‘Shoo it away’, ‘Kill it quickly’ was the urgent plea, as the words echoed in the wake of the chaos caused by a grown-up clambering nervously on a kitchen chair.

Unlike the cartoons, this was not the female cook, screaming and shouting, scared of the teeny-weeny mouse, approaching the hem of her skirt. This was a six foot tall strapping man, fourteen stone, strong, able bodied and otherwise imposing yet he was screaming and panicking.   What was the fuss all about?   Not a mouse but an even smaller life form, in this instance its rough dimensions were 3cm x 0.5cm with a myriad of legs, gingery brown and shiny in colour with long whiskers … a cockroach.

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