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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A cockroach free world

Repelling roaches, is the world a better place without these scuttling insects?
Phobic Wars addresses this directly.
It's a fusion of mythology, science and scifi.
The main protagonist fathoms a way to get rid of Cockroaches with a scientific breakthrough.
The world embraces this idea,  after all,  what use are they with their filthy ways?
This is until the Medusa Dermaptera,  a creature from the past is awoken due to the massive culling and near extinction of these insects.
The fragile ecological balance of our planet is threatened and it's ironic that the only solution, as passed mystically by  ancient Atlantis beings are cockroaches.
An enthralling work of fiction in need of your readership and reviews...

Available as an ebook or paperback format on Amazon.

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