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Friday, 30 January 2015

Kiwi cockroaches

This is an extract from the Wanganui chronicle,  New Zealand. The article written by
Reports on the increased numbers of creepy crawlies due to the hot weather...  Less likely here in England (snow, cold etc)

One of the reasons why I fear and hate cockroaches that pushed me into writing 'Phobic Wars "

Wanganui East and Springvale houses are especially likely to have Gisborne cockroaches, which like to live in cracks and crannies and come indoors in winter. They sometimes arrive in junk mail, because it is distributed from a property with a lot of the cockroaches nearby.

People don't like Gisborne cockroaches because they look scary - but they don't spread disease like American cockroaches.

Also on the undesirable list are bedbugs, blood-sucking parasites that move to new places on people, in clothing and in luggage. 

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