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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mental Dental

Dr Jessie Stack is trying to establish her innocence.  Accused of the murder of a patient in her care...  She uncovers multiple murders ...

Jessie exited the car and closed the garage door behind her. Her dad had opened the front door and entered the hall way, collecting the seemingly huge pile of post that lay on the floor and to a point, blocked the door from swinging through its rightful path. Among the post were two copies of the local papers, the free presses offerings for the fortnight. On the copy he was looking at were the headlines he wanted to so protect his daughter from but there it was in black and white ‘local dentist suspected of murder denies all’. Not content with this, they had printed Jessie clambering into her car whilst trying to shield her face with a briefcase she was holding, like a makeshift and ineffective shield

Thursday, 28 May 2015

A sweet story of success and deceit

Legally Lucky.
My first novel,  is aavailable on as a kindle Countdown Deal at the moment.  It's on for a few days and at only $0.99  It's a bargain to be had.
For the link straight to amazon click and enjoy the complexity of the Story.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Insects at war

Phobic Wars
An apocalypse is occurring.... The following is an excerpt

Oh my god’, he said to himself, ‘what have I done?’ He had tampered with nature with a view of making a positive change but what if what had happened in Atlantis was to be replicated, how many millions would die because of this? Starvation, violence, riots, bombs and Armageddon could be the result. Were his aspirations now becoming his fears that could now be realised by ridding the world of Cockroaches? Mother Nature’s finely balanced ecosystem was not for tampering

A mix of myth, scifi, science and fiction.  Find it on Amazon

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Legally Lucky - Bag a Bargain Book

My First Book, Legally Lucky, is available on a kindle Countdown Deal as follows:
This is a great opportunity to "Bag a bargain"
Its on Kindle on the website

A story of passion, hope, dreams and aspirations. Friendship over money.
A morally but enjoyable tale

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Here the link Money

Monday, 25 May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

Chilling out, no writing, no worries and no work.
Just me, Julie and the dogs...  Cool

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Supported and selling well... Going up

Phantasms in the Infirmary is getting read.
What is it?
It's a book in paperback or Kindle format written by two experienced clinicians combining two different styles of writing.
It's a collection of short stories involving spooky stuff in hospitals...
It's entertainment.
It's true stories that have been revamped.
It's a great boost for a potential number one.

It's being read in paperback and on kindle.
Both formats are doing well...  Here is the link

Going up.... Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #60,408 Paid in Kindle Store

Lets get it to number one.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Murder by Proxy should never come true

Little did I know that when I wrote Mental Dental, murder by proxy, that there would be a similar killer at large.
Invisible distressing to know that someone was killing people and attempted to murder many more... Remotely. Allowing others to be the channel for his murders.
The recent press reports about a killer nurse is not great news...

Thank God he's been caught, tried and sentenced.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Kindle Countdown Deal for 1 week only

Chilling tales of hospital horror 
Stories from beyond the grave 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fancy being a detective?

Have you ever pitched your wits against a criminal mastermind?
Can you help solve the undetected murders?
Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) will take you through a journey of crime and disorder like no other.
Download it now

Read it, enjoy it and tell your friends to do so too... 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How does one handle a negative review?

How does one handle a negative review?
I was  checking my author page on Amazon and noticed a new one star review... Gasp!!
The reviewer entitled the review... Boredom in the Infirmary
Cheers hat66!!

Their comments...
Dreadful book. Badly written and the 'horror' stories are a joke. Don't waste your time or money on this rubbish.

Trying to be open and honest...  I accept the destructive and unhelpful review. However the book is not Gore but more supernatural phenomena. If it's Gore one wants to read,  then this is not the book to read....

Thankfully, the rest of the reviews are good and encouraging.

I appreciate that not everyone will like everything and as the old Spanish proverb says.. The book of individual taste remains blank...  Each to his own..  Still!!

Writing woes

Another day without writing a word on the new book...  Busy and tiring day job has left me completely shattered.
Note to self...  Remain motivated.

Systematic writing needed again.  Get the rhythm going and aim to write 2000 words a day for the next week?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Jaw dropping thriller

Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
A clever thriller right from start to finish.
It's a potential best selling Novel and will have you stuck in to try and solve the murders.
Could this ever happen?
Has it already happened and no one noticed?
Open wide,  if you dare....


Book of ghostly

Dare to visit the haunted hospital?
Phantasms in the Infirmary... Good old fashioned ghostly stories and macabre goings on....

A Great collection of short stories by Ram and Julie Gulrajani.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Writing Horror fiction

As a wacky experiment, it would be really cool if we could all write a short story to feature in Phantasms in the infirmary Vol II?
The theme is Hospital Horror.
I'd like to start this off and then add in as and when, but if the result works, could we include it in as a short story written on a Blog?
Has this ever been done before?
It certainly is Blue sky thinking / innovation so here goes...

'Another day, another dollar' was the greeting from Tom at reception as Julie walked briskly in for yet another shift on the Orthopaedic ward.
She smiled as she rushed past, eager to get into the ward in time for the handover from the evening shift.  
The prospect of her fourth night shift with a grueling twelve hours ahead of her was making her feel quite resistant but she had a job to do.
The preceding three nights had been so busy and these had been punctuated by very little sleep as her youngest daughter, Natalie, had not been well and was off school. Her nursing role had blended in with Motherhood somehow. She felt like she had been on call for 24 hours, with every effort zapping more of her precious energy out of her.

Although she had been on this ward before, the last three shifts had certainly made a big impact on her confidence, she had mastered new procedures and as the nurse in charge, was enjoying the responsibility. Everything had run smoothly and to plan.
Well almost everything...

I would now like to open the floor to you to add a paragraph or two to this multi-layered / multi-authored story..

Shall we set a deadline for a month and see what happens?
Its a bit of fun and the chance to have part of your invaluable contribution published with the rest of the book of short stories.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Reviews Please

Hi all
I am aware there are millions of books out there however, if you have read any of my novels,  please take a moment to write a review.
Reviews are not only helpful to me,  the self published author,  it also helps others choose with con.

Help us help you... Click on the link below and contribute to better choice.

RPG Books

Hell on earth

The following passage is taken from Phantasms in the Infirmary.
What preceded this was hell on earth.
The calm after the storm,  was it all over?

It was however not the end of it all. The hospital was blessed by a variety of different religious pastors. Christian , Jewish, Muslim and Hindu, the administrators and managers were taking no chances. A virtual squadron of multi-faith clerics had descended on the old building. They had undertaken mass, rituals involving flowers and showering the many corridors with gallons of holy water. The varying chants and prayers were offered and recited in all of the wards within. It was a religious union that had collaborated to battle against evil

With all the incantations and flurry of activity, it was hoped that the haunting had been halted, never to be experienced again… As for the three perpetrators, they had fallen in the esteem of their peers. Time would be a healer but not for this trio. Barrie met his demise two months later to the day. He was about to defibrillate a patient that had suffered a cardiac arrest on his ward when the defibrillator unit short circuited and he administered 360 “killer joules” to himself. His cardiac arrest was irreversible. Dawn was burnt alive when having a sneaky cigarette before starting her shift, four months after that fateful night. The smouldering ash that had dropped in her pocket combusted and she was found burnt to a crisp outside the hospital. Again it was too late to do anything to save her...

Phantasms is available to download on Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal Now on

Monday, 4 May 2015

Listen to the calling

Phantasms in the Infirmary
Hospital Horror Stories....

This Ghostly collection is now available to download on Amazon Kindle. For a killer deal, visiting time is open....

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bank holiday Monday must have

May Bank holiday weekend bargain

Kindle Countdown Deal on for our newest book Phantasms in the Infirmary
Its Coauthored by my wife Julie and I.

Good old fashioned ghosts galore hauntings in a hospital crammed with spectral beings...

Get it on May 4th 2015 at 8:00 AM (GMT) for 80 hours only, at £0.99.  A whopping 67% Off the rrp
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Then it will go back to its original price of only £3.00


Saturday, 2 May 2015

More heroic cockroaches

In a similar vein to Phobic Wars,  these little horrible insects have a heroic part to play in real life...  Article

Supernatural Kindle Countdown Deal

May Bank holiday madness
Kindle Countdown Deal on for our newest book Phantasms in the Infirmary

Get it on May 4th 2015 at 8:00 AM (GMT) for 80h only, at £0.99.  A whopping 67% Off the rrp
If you miss out on this one then May 7th 2015 at 4:00 PM (GMT),  for 80h at  £1.99 that is still a massive saving of 34% Off. 
Lasts until May 11th 2015 at 12:00 AM (GMT) where it returns to its Original list price £3.00

Save the link Phantasms

Released from the cloak of darkness

An Exerpt from Phantasms in the Infirmary
1: 45 am: It was just after the clocks had struck a quarter to the hour when the mundane night shift swiftly changed pace to become a night to remember.
It would become a shift that would enter the annals of folklore for the wrong reasons.
The first break shift returned to the wards, refreshed and ready to take on the night.
Just as the next set of eager staff were about to leave their wards, the strange and sinister occurrences began...  Want to know what happened next?
Then I'm afraid you are going to have to either get a copy on paperback or Kindle.

Phantasms in the Infirmary... A gutsy ghost story collection that has come from the hell itself...