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Sunday, 18 December 2016

If life were a song

If your life were a song what would it be?
Would it play for every moment or just the ones that you see?

If the beat represented the activity of your heart?
Would the tempo increase when loved ones are apart?

Are there are changes in the song
Or is it the same all along?

My song would be full of changes and tempo
Has my life been boring... Well Hell No!

My song is full of guitars and percussion                                   Mimicking love,  laughter and passion 

The song is not written as the life is not ended
My song is one no one else has attempted.

It's exciting and certainly unique
Not perfect maybe but it's bit reached its peak

It's full of high notes and a fair scattering of low ones
Remixed and rewound and blessed with the birth of my sons.

The rest is building up into forceful crescendo
And how will it end,  I certainly don't know.

But until that time
I'm happy to hum my rhyme
Whistling softly and gaze at the moon.
God please, don't let this song end too soon.

© Ram Gulrajani  2016