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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Foxes scent

We were just on a long winter's walk with our pooch, RosieG.
Normally a well behaved and fairly obedient individual... Not today!
She ran off whilst we whistled and called but she ignored us.
She ran up one of the hills and then the most cringing moment came. The classic roll on the strong scent RosieG had honed in on.
What poses man's best friends to apply the stinking, pungent fox poo on themselves?
We called again and she came but now letting off a foul malodorous stench not unlike a drain.

The relaxation of the winter walk now became a mission to return home and immerse our smelly hound in a disinfectant /dog shampoo bath.

RosieG hates the bath but it had to be done and with the smell neutralised, life returned to normal without the uninvited stench of fantastic Mr Fox!