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Friday, 9 December 2016

A murderous sort

Meet Dr. Stephen Lambe, DDS.
Dentist, murderer, psychopath and the embodiment of darkness and doom.
Was it his fault he was slightly less nice than the norm?

After all, he was left to be brought up by his dysfunctional dad and led to his strange, maladaptive and dangerous behaviours developing.

Stephen Lambe’s heart was far from right. He was evil to the core. He unquestionably needed to be incarcerated in a high security prison and was sent to HMP Frankland in the North East of the country. He was a smooth operator and never seemed to express much emotion. He was cool, calm and collected..  DANGEROUS.

Lambe was one of the trio of killer dentists involved in the mayhem and murder in Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy).
Thankfully incarcerated but did this stop his manipulation and proxy chaos?
The follow up novel, Obsession of The Damned may interest you if you want to find out more.

Well worth a read.