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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Super hero roaches

An excellent article By Erika Engelhaupt
PUBLISHED DECEMBER 23, 2016. (national geographic)

The piece I liked best was about Cockroaches.
Especially after writing Phobic Wars.

Cockroaches can wriggle through a crack the height of two stacked pennies in under a second, shrug off being squished by 900 times their body weight, and run at speeds equivalent to a human sprinting 200 miles per hour.
And if that doesn’t have you squirming, scientists captured it all on video. After building a roach-squishing machine (no roaches were injured) and a series of tiny tunnels, Berkeley scientists filmed American cockroaches pushing themselves through crevices and running at nearly top speed—while squished.

The purpose behind all this roach-squishing might freak you out, too. The researchers are building robots that mimic cockroaches, with jointed exoskeletons that allow them to squeeze through small spaces. So, someday you might be rescued from a tight spot by a roach-bot.

See why I wrote Phobic Wars?