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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Phobic Wars intro

Everyone says, ‘you should write about what you know’ and if there is something I know a lot about, it’s the fear of cockroaches.
The panic and disgust I feel when meeting these creatures renders me quite helpless and my poor coping with this has been a stumbling block for me since childhood.
The trepidation and reactions to these insects has resulted in many an embarrassing memory and equally, a more determined effort not to encounter these creatures at all if possible.

I wrote my second novel, phobic Wars, based on this......

The story starts like this

An ear piercing scream of fear and urgency can be heard across the quiet and serene streets.
What in heaven’s name could be happening?
Is it a murder, a rape or someone finding a dismembered corpse?
The actuality of this was not as severe as the previous scenarios; it was a human coming face to face with a miniscule, speedy and shiny opponent, a common cockroach.
Is this an over-exaggeration?
Not at all, if the anxiety response is strong enough, this is not only a possibility but an actuality.

Anxiety at some level has been experienced by virtually all individuals for a variety of reasons and caused by a myriad of triggers with a multitude of outcomes. Some with a good result, most with not so good a conclusion.
For the majority, mild phobic symptoms do not have a major impact in their functionality, displaying tolerable and reasonable responses which at most can be seen as irritating and somewhat laughable.
For other people, the exposure to the same trigger can cause an irrational fear of the exact same trigger but very unlike the acceptable and normal response. This can be classified as a phobia. This negative phobic response causes the sufferer to feel fear, but eventual embarrassment and shame at the obvious 'over reaction' to their phobic source. 

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