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Monday, 11 March 2013

Paperback copies

My first novel published...
Its being proposed to be marketed in the AARP Conference in Las Vegas in May, though not yet decided... the book explores the possibility of what could happen if?

What would you do if you won a massive amount of money on the lottery? 
We all fantasize about what we would do, spend, spend, spend and never worry about financial problems ever again. 
However the odds of winning a draw are stacked against us so what are the chances of winning 3, one after the other? 
If this happened it would arouse suspicions of foul play and the repercussions?
This is a tale about chasing the dream,not letting your dream lead your life and examining what could happen if indeed this did come true. 

Is being a millionaire really all that it promises to be? 
After all, all that glitters is not gold.. Raj can vouch for that! 
Unwelcome press coverage, jealousy and corporate shenanigans wreck this family’s life and the dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Raj, along with two friends, endeavours to prove his innocence and clear himself of corruption charges. From innocence and hope to realisation and delight, only to be marred by suspicion, accusations and violence as everything unfolds in a courtroom drama. 

Get this book and read the developments and consequences of being legally lucky. Fingers crossed, it could be you, but would you want it?