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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Extracts from Mental Dental (MBP) ...Free on kindle

A patient is undergoing a dental procedure, he needs some dreaded drilling so some local anaesthetic is injected into the area 
Nothing unusual about this.....

"He felt numbness to his right side of his face and thought ‘good, the anaesthetic is working’.
Suddenly the strangest feeling occurred, the numbness was no longer contained to the lower jaw, he could feel a rush of warmth across his face that was increasingly widening, he now seemed to no longer be able to move his head or mouth, hefound he was then not able to move any of his limbs, he was pinned to his chair and unable to anything about this, he had no control over these bizarre effects.
‘This is very strange’ he thought but could not address this as he was now fixed to the seat.
The busy waiting room bustled with life asHandel’s water music was being piped out to the reception room as a soothing background. It was too loud for anyone to hear his mumbled call for help… he then felt his chest become heavy and felt breathless. Was he having some kind of untoward reaction to the injected drug?
Quite quickly, he felt he was becoming sleepy and his eyes shut and his hearing seemed to change frequency, echoes now that were fast becoming distant and then they came to an end, the noises had stopped.
It was approximately twenty minutes from when he sat out that the young girl that had gone in with her mum to see the dentist had come out of the clinic room and was back in the waiting room.
Wendy addressed the waiting room from the corridor and called John back by saying ‘Mr. Massey, do you want to come back in?’
There was no reply, no movement and no attempt from John to return to the surgery room, he remained sat on his chair, eyes closed and peaceful...."

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