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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Inspiration at the. AARP 2013

Life can be a bit of a gamble as we play the lottery of  life.,  we tend to hope that " fingers crossed"  it will all be okay.  A chunk of  hard work mixed with dedication and an added sprinkling of luck is all we need...

We have hopes, dreams and aspirations of achieving many things and above all,  never wanting for anything.

Legally Lucky is going to be marketed in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is ironic and also highly appropriate.
Well it's a book that addresses chance and the fact that actually achieving success is not always financially linked.
The truth about happiness is more than how much you have in your bank account.

This book is a work of fiction that inspires living in a unique and innovative manner
,  without walking through life with your fingers crossed.  Even if  only one person is inspired to live life for the moment,  then my work is done!!

Enjoy the books and tell your friends all about Legally Lucky