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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Matilda Wren

Interview with Matilda Wren....

Lets Meet
My interview page would not be complete without an introduction to fellow Essex author Ram Gulrajani. With three books under his sleeve already and many more in the pipeline, he is a prime example of the emerging talent in the Home Counties.
Legally Lucky, Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) and Phobic Wars are vastly different from each other.
Legally Lucky examines the consequences of winning large amounts of money, Mental Dental (MBP) makes you never want to go to a dentist again and Phobic Wars will tap into the fears of anyone with a creepy crawly issue.
Ram gives his perspective on writing, what inspires him and a little insight behind the man that successfully created three novels.

“A pleasant and light-hearted read”
Amazon Review for Legally Lucky
“Excellent read! Couldn’t put the book down.”
Amazon Review for Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy)
“Exciting, nail biting & spine chilling adventure”
Amazon Review for Phobic Wars

Phobic Wars is available at:
Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) is available at:
Legally Lucky is available at:

MW: Welcome Ram to the ‘Let’s Meet...’ segment. ‘Legally Lucky’ was your first book. What inspired you to write this story?
RG: Writing a book was something I have always wanted to do and I have had many sources of inspiration for this one, many being patient stories and their hopes on how a lottery win or financial windfall would have enabled them to change their lives. There is a strong moral in the story that effectively warns people not to delay life and living it to the full just because they are not rich. Being rich does not bring happiness to all (I am not in a position to make that judgement as an NHS employee – we are not generally rich!!).
I hoped to be original with this story and never really put pen onto paper until my wife and I were on holiday in Crete, the worst holiday I have ever had, I was bored read both her books and then decided to write mine… weird inspiration. Of course my wife and children also inspire me.
MW: How funny! A bad holiday inspired me to write mine! A week in Majorca that consisted of rain... rain... more rain... oh and more rain for the entire time we were there. By the time we flew home I had my first chapter!
MW: How did you move from Legally Lucky to Phobic Wars as they are two very different stories?
RG: I have many stories up my sleeve that I now am confident in effectively getting them out there. Coming from a hot Mediterranean country, we have lots of bugs and Cockroaches repel me. It’s familial unfortunately and I wanted to be fair to them. I love sci-fi but not the UFO based ones. I am intrigued by stories of Atlantis and the origins of man and societies. I thought the story was good and the twists in it were again, different. My third book, Mental Dental (Murder by proxy) is again original in its execution and is based on serial killer dentists and based directly on my fear of dentists. What’s the worse that can happen if you visit a dentist? I try and address this.
MW: It is always lovely to get good reviews but do you have any tips for a newbie on how to react to the bad ones?
RG: Accept them and act on them for the next book – learn the lessons and realise that you are never going to please all the people all the time. Also all feedback is useful and negative ones are about the work you have put there – not to be taken personally.
MW: I love my kindle and believe it is a marvellous invention. However it doesn’t quite replace my love for the printed book; the smell, the feel of the pages, even better if it is an ear chewed second hand version! Do you have a preference for e-book formats or the traditional paper and hardback versions?
RG: Personally, I prefer the look, feel and smell of a paper based book but, royalties are greater with the e-book forms. Its also impossible to sign a Kindle!!!
MW: You used to live in Gibraltar, how does that compare with the Home Counties?
RG: I have lived in Essex for 27 years and although I miss getting up and smelling the sea and the deep blue skies and seascapes of the Med, I love living in Essex. Its comparatively quiet, spacious and green. I have many friends here and obviously now well and truly rooted here. I do miss the food though!!
MW: What are you currently working on at the moment? Any hints or spoilers?
RG: Holiday hells is the working title – a collection of horror stories though its taking me a while to get into it…
MW: Are you the type of person that constantly carries around a notepad to jot down ideas or are you more in the technical age and use a dictaphone or other sound recording devices?
RG: Again, I rely on the paper based ideas pads… I have one on my bedside and there are also several scattered around the house and office. I “don’t leave home without it.”
MW: When it comes to editing, do you employ the services of professional companies and bodies or do you take on the task yourself?
RG: Myself, my wife and friends.
MW: If professional, can you make any recommendations? Or if you do it yourself, do you have any tips or software that you use?
RG: Good brains from the above is all I have used.
MW: You are a professional Respiratory Nurse Consultant. Do you draw upon any experiences in your work life when you write?
RG: Absolutely, it’s a privileged position that I find myself in and I draw on the past experiences of many, reflecting on theirs and using this to base some of my characters and story lines.
And finally, just for fun...
MW: If you were on a desert island, what three things would you choose as a ‘must have’?
RG: My wife, but that would be cheating so… an MP3 player, a good supply of chocolate and a pen and paper.
Thank you Ram for taking the time to speak to us today. Good luck with those future projects!

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