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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I am really happy to tell you that my novel "Legally Lucky" is going to be actively promoted by Authorhouse at the AARP conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

This means it opens up my book to more people. People that can relate to the moral of the story.
"Legally Lucky" will be on the Authorhouse stand and catalogue for thousands of new readers to access between May 30th and June 1st 2013.
Please pass on the message, don't miss out and get a copy of "Legally Lucky"

Visit the stand....

Look out for this cover ..... the model by the way is me!!!

Get your own copy, read it and tell your friends 

A very recent description of the story by Adrian is....

"It is one of the few earthly dreams to become rich so as it would not require much effort to work and buy who and what we want. But all that glitters is not gold or perhaps it is just a trap to a more mishap situation especially when our desire for this dream is not simple and genuine. This is greed. 
Your book caught my thoughts when the main character was facing consequences on his pursuit. As such it has affected his life, family and reputation: things that never can be valued by money. I was glad to realize today that I am happy to live in a simple life but I am part of the few who, of course, wants to be financially successful either by hard work or luck. Somehow in a day reading I want to be the character of this book. Be lucky to win the lottery but has to face the consequences of what is an unlucky luck."

Pretty powerful however its a work of fiction to be enjoyed, an easy and pleasing yet inexpensive purchase. 

Happy reading...