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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New shows needed....ITV's Broadchurch... brilliant drama, now try Mental Dental MBP

ITV's crime drama, Broadchurch, was great, a breath of fresh air and a positive step away from reality TV that mostly dominates our screens.

The show and story were good but could it have been formatted better?
Could it have been a trifle shorter?
Is there something else out there that could be adapted to an even better TV crime drama ?
A piece of writing that is floating in the ether and the fringes of awareness that needs to be discovered?

I am biased but I do feel that adapting Mental Dental (MBP) would get better reviews with a lot more interesting story full of sub-plots, twists and more victims than Broadchurch.

link to kindle book

If there are  any TV executives, producers, talent scouts etc. Please give Mental Dental (MBP) a glance, look at its originality, its adaptability and its possible production costs with great returns.

It addresses themes that are close to many, fear of dentists with a criminal twist to it that has never been seen on TV before and should be...

Read the book, absorb the story and look at its originality and marketability.

I await your Call...