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Sunday, 3 March 2013

He who dares wins ... writing Legally Lucky

Inspiration and motivation for writing my first novels was based on a need to motivate myself and humanity...
In my work, I see people who may not have the quality of life they aspired to and a shorter life than they thought they would get.

The working title was "Hopes, dreams and aspirations "

Writing a book was something I have always wanted to do and I have had many sources of inspiration for this one, many being patient stories and their hopes on how a lottery win or financial windfall would have enabled them to change their lives.

The strong moral to the story that effectively warns people not to delay life and living it to the full just because they are not financially wealthy .

The message ....Being rich does not bring happiness to all, this is a presumption because I am not in a position to make that judgement... as an NHS employee – we are not generally rich!!
I had the story in mind for months and never really put pen onto paper until my wife and I were on holiday in Crete. Unfortunately this was not the best of resorts and turned out to be the worst holiday we had ever had, I was bored read both her books and then decided to write mine… weird motivation.

Adding author onto my C.V. was difficult..  once one is in a mould , it is difficult to break it and refashion oneself and create oneself.
However I had undertaken some extra training that made me be able to create the possibility of reinventing myself. I was still who I had always been but with an added dimension... aspiring author.

Books 2 & 3 were easier to write.

I'm far from the polished article but if I'm honest to myself, I'm getting better....