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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Work Life Balance ... Help!

21st century life can be stressful
The work / life balance has its good points. Finding time to live other than work is tight sometimes. The day job tends to "Zap" the life out of us and all we want to do is colapse and vegetate after that...

However there are many things we can do, I prefer to remain creative and write, paint and play guitar (a good alternative to the long list of DIY chores!).
However, lately it is becoming significantly harder to achieve this.
There are a now a number of unfinished and some yet to be started projects... so if anyone has any ideas on how to motivate and schedule hobbies in, please share them.

I would love to be systematic and dedicate allotted times for the number of things in my head, so many that they get left by the way side.