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Monday, 16 February 2015

Google Ghost

The Google Street View car visited England in 2014  it captured a creepy image of what appears to be a ghostly figure in an abandoned orphanage in Liverpool.

A figure believed to be a ghost of a little blonde-haired girl can be seen peering out a window.

The car was travelling on Orphan Drive near a the Newsham Park Hospital when it captured something strange in one of the windows of the former hospital and orphanage. In the Street View screenshot, a ghostly figure of what looks like a little girl appears in a bottom window near a light post.

The Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution was built in 1871 and completed a few years later in 1874. The orphanage became the Newsham Park Hospital in 1954 which housed the criminally insane. The hospital was closed in 1997. A plan to turn the building into an appartment complex in 2004 was shot down by local officials. The property has been for sale since 2007. Have the ghostly inhabitants influenced the no sale ?

Like the building in Phantasms in the Infirmary,  this edifice has had many lives and revisions...
The building was used as an orphanage, a hospital, and an insane asylum and has been sitting empty for 18 years. Ever since it was abandoned, there have been stories of dozens of ghosts haunting the building. Sightings include strange mists and voices being heard.

Is this a real Phantasms in the Infirmary?

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