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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Being one of the Story tellers

Story telling has been used for centuries to pass on wisdom.
They educate us on morality,  academic prowess and language. Stories however,  also entertain and form the basis of other mediums of entertainment including television and radio.
The books I have written, I believe, accomplish the whole spectrum of these fore mentioned aims.
Sharing them with strangers as well as those nearest and dearest takes time,  revisions and daring.  Daring to be the story tellers,  daring to be original, daring to be open with ones translated thoughts.  Thoughts transferred onto a medium that can be seen,  read,  understood and critiqued by anyone.
I am proud to be one of these story tellers.
I am glad to be brave enough to impart and share ideas.  Pleased to offer you a glimpse of my stories. Honoured to have them read and pleased they are enjoyable.
The experience is excellent on the whole.  Few critical reviews have been negative. This is to be expected as the style,  composition or story will not suit everyone.  One can only learn from them and become a stronger and more effective story teller. As my wife says,  Every threat is an opportunity in disguise..
I plan to tell more stories,  write more books standing firmly and proudly behind my current portfolio of work.
Legally Lucky
Phobic Wars
Mental Dental
Phantasms in the Infirmary


Thank you to all that have read them. Thank you to those who will take a chance on reading a book by a new author.
Hello to all who already know me and I await to know those I have yet to interact with.

They are all part of me and my conscious desire to share the enjoyment.
Here's to many more.