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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Nun of Death

The Nun of death

This is only the first part of this story.

It is adapted from experiences in one of the hospitals I worked in,  during the early stages of my career.
Stories of the Nun made my night shifts.... A living nightmare!!

No self-respecting compilation of ghost stories would be complete without a creepy nun story. There is something about their dark habits, uniform as opposed to their inclinations.
Their legs unseen under the heavy dresses, they seem to float effortlessly over any terrain that can freak people out. It is ironic that these peace loving and helpful members of the Catholic Church can somehow terrorise people with their attire…!
St Augustus hospital was no exception to the apparition of a veiled form or two. It had not only been a convent at one point in its relatively long life but also Nuns had long been nurses too.
Reports had been numerous about the nun that could be seen at the old staircase that led from the care of the elderly ward on the ground floor to the male medical ward. Ward 11 was a particular favourite site to meet ”Sister Fatality”or “The Nun of Death”as she was more commonly known.

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