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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Murder one in the book

Mental Dental... This is a snippet of the first murder in this book... 

They took over from the staff and like a green clad cavalry, worked on John, thumping his chest, inserting cannulae into veins, injecting drugs, giving oxygen and intubating his airway.
They even considered an attempt to shock his heart but due to the absence of any electrical activity, this consideration was soon abandoned.
They continued to try and resuscitate him but after forty minutes, they declared him deceased. John Massey now lay alone on the previously clean floor, chest exposed, tubes protruding from his lifeless body.

‘This is a mess, a complete mess’Wendy exclaimed to one of her colleagues. ‘I have never seen this happen before in over fifteen years of working as a dental nurse, what could have gone so wrong?’

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