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Monday, 4 April 2016

Visit to the dentist

I have met my nemesis... The dentist, for a recent consultation and some work.
I undertook this with courage and resolve, NOT!
As they say here in the UK, I was bricking it.
Sweaty palms, tachycardia and dread were the order of the day.
The calming aquarium was far from calming as I observed either a very clever fish swimming upside down or...  It was dead.
Brilliant, what a bad omen.
However I persevered and armed with a free copy of Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) I finally managed to go through with the torturous drilling,  pulling, suction and blood loss.

This was on Saturday. Today,  I went for a quick review, noticing a fellow patient reading the complementary copy I left there.
Somehow, they were enjoying it...
I did mention I was the author and I was embarrassingly complimented on what they had read. Obviously a long wait.

I got to thinking, is this a good way of promoting my novel?

My conclusion, valiant effort but not one I am keen on repeating too frequently.

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