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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What's your poison?

I'm a nurse and fledgling Author.
Having published a range of books,  all in English and one also in Spanish. I am pleased to offer a range of novels to entice many a palate.
They are works of fiction as my none fiction writing is reserved for work...  I have never published a technical book but have published research and articles in my specialist field.
My first ever published article was in the 1990 's and it was a piece on environmental psychology.
It was based on the patient's experience influenced by environmental factors affecting patient stress in an accident and emergency department.
It inspired me on...

I write because I relish and love to tell a good story. The best medium to tell them to a wider audience is through a book.

These books range from Legally Lucky that has been likened to in pursuit of happiness, ghostly short stories with the Phantasms series,  a comedic recollection of a disastrous vacation with Hilarity in the Hills. Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy) and Phobic Wars are based on 2 of my dislikes... Cockroaches and dentists.

Having written these,  I am so proud of them.  Yes they aren't perfect and there may be some editing irregularities but they are readable and more importantly, they capture the imagination and make the reader turn the page.
I don't actively promote them, despite some publishers constant attempts at enticing me with Paid For promotional packages.

I want people to read them,  share their thoughts about the stories, tell others about them and create some noise.
Getting the stories to wet the appetite for more.

So if you want something different, something entertaining, something that will take you to a place outside of yourself for a while... Then click on the link below. Especially as some are on special offer on Amazon Kindle UK and