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Monday, 11 April 2016

Stories from the heart

Writing a story first comes from the heart,  then the brain should engage...
Revealing the inner creative juices is not an easy task to undertake.
Critics and editing issues are waiting in the midst, ready to pounce on anything.
It takes guts to write and publish a book.
Having fulfilled publishing my first novel, it released the shyness and restraints of going public with my writing.
I have now published a few and the process is easier but the negatives still feel personal.
However the stories are innovative, brave and readable.
Yes some polishing up is definitely needed but they are being enjoyed by thousands around the world with potentially millions more to engage with.
This is the purpose of this blog. To increase a and readership.
Help make these novels 'a must read' in anyone's list of books to read. looking for something different to read.
Take into account that these are written and produced with these aims,  give them a try and then write a review.
These reviews are a form of enlightenment for others and a compass of directions for those looking for that Jnd...

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