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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Writing Horror fiction

As a wacky experiment, it would be really cool if we could all write a short story to feature in Phantasms in the infirmary Vol II?
The theme is Hospital Horror.
I'd like to start this off and then add in as and when, but if the result works, could we include it in as a short story written on a Blog?
Has this ever been done before?
It certainly is Blue sky thinking / innovation so here goes...

'Another day, another dollar' was the greeting from Tom at reception as Julie walked briskly in for yet another shift on the Orthopaedic ward.
She smiled as she rushed past, eager to get into the ward in time for the handover from the evening shift.  
The prospect of her fourth night shift with a grueling twelve hours ahead of her was making her feel quite resistant but she had a job to do.
The preceding three nights had been so busy and these had been punctuated by very little sleep as her youngest daughter, Natalie, had not been well and was off school. Her nursing role had blended in with Motherhood somehow. She felt like she had been on call for 24 hours, with every effort zapping more of her precious energy out of her.

Although she had been on this ward before, the last three shifts had certainly made a big impact on her confidence, she had mastered new procedures and as the nurse in charge, was enjoying the responsibility. Everything had run smoothly and to plan.
Well almost everything...

I would now like to open the floor to you to add a paragraph or two to this multi-layered / multi-authored story..

Shall we set a deadline for a month and see what happens?
Its a bit of fun and the chance to have part of your invaluable contribution published with the rest of the book of short stories.