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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hell on earth

The following passage is taken from Phantasms in the Infirmary.
What preceded this was hell on earth.
The calm after the storm,  was it all over?

It was however not the end of it all. The hospital was blessed by a variety of different religious pastors. Christian , Jewish, Muslim and Hindu, the administrators and managers were taking no chances. A virtual squadron of multi-faith clerics had descended on the old building. They had undertaken mass, rituals involving flowers and showering the many corridors with gallons of holy water. The varying chants and prayers were offered and recited in all of the wards within. It was a religious union that had collaborated to battle against evil

With all the incantations and flurry of activity, it was hoped that the haunting had been halted, never to be experienced again… As for the three perpetrators, they had fallen in the esteem of their peers. Time would be a healer but not for this trio. Barrie met his demise two months later to the day. He was about to defibrillate a patient that had suffered a cardiac arrest on his ward when the defibrillator unit short circuited and he administered 360 “killer joules” to himself. His cardiac arrest was irreversible. Dawn was burnt alive when having a sneaky cigarette before starting her shift, four months after that fateful night. The smouldering ash that had dropped in her pocket combusted and she was found burnt to a crisp outside the hospital. Again it was too late to do anything to save her...

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