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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Up the rankings.. Blockbuster Movie waiting to be made

Legally Lucky was my first novel.
It has been well received and it has sold some.
However, even if I say so myself,  it's not has the acclaim I hoped it would receive.
Being a self published author, I have not marketed my work as much as I could have,  that doesn't help!
However, it is a fantastic read and the opportunity to read it for 0.99 is upon us.
Kindle Countdown Deal on and is available again.
I hope you can consider downloading a copy of it?

Amazon trending and the way Amazon works would then allow more readers to engage with the story.
So how do we do this...
If 50 people were to download a bargain copy of Legally Lucky and then post a review on Amazon, the book would chart higher and allow others earlier access to Legally Lucky.

Help it get read,  it's morality and underlying story are important for all of us.

Live for the moment.
Click and Download