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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Massage the imagination & paint pictures in your head.

Reading fiction.
Choosing fiction is a wrestle of the mind.
Fiction doesn’t solve any of life’s problems – other than an escape from boredom.
It will not give you a heads up on managing your life.
Fiction will not solve any of your problems and it will not fix your bank balance.
Fiction will provide an evolving image,  a unique story as well as interesting characters.
The story will send your mind on an imaginative journey, pictures, created in your head and coloured by your feelings evoked by the words on the pages.
Escapism and entertainment are the aims.
Hoping to realise that momentary freedom from the stresses and pressures of life, relationships, work, reality.
Reality is important but do we need to be engaged and totally immersed in it 24/7?
All these noxious stimuli can be so destructive and all consuming we all need respite.

A great work of fiction allows our minds to meander,  taking our souls on a journey of unimportant stuff! Unimportant but therapeutic wanderings non the less.
However fiction can be instructive, inspirational and educational. It can be exciting and also calming.

Having written a few books now, if I expand on Legally Lucky, my first novel : it was written with a view to entertain and inspire the reader to live their lives in the moment, balance what was important and be less materialistic.
It focuses on the joys of life and prioritising happiness over money.
The reviews are few but it was well received and although a naive book in some ways, a great reminder to engaging with life.

Fiction is to me a way of getting a thrill without climbing a cliff face or standing on the edge of a precipice. It should increase the readers heart rate without endangering the readers life.

With this, I invite you to read and enjoy the novels on my Amazon page.

They are works of fiction and will entertain.
They are not heavy going and will probably not take too many hours to read.  One thing I guarantee, they will paint those pictures in your head and massage your imagination.