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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Glimpse into the content of Obsession

A look inside Obsession of The Damned...
This is part of chapter 2 and to five it some context,  it is following the evil three, the trilogy of terror as they get sent to prison...

Two long hours after setting off from the Old Bailey, handcuffed and sat in the cramped transport hold within it, doors closed, no windows or breeze, a hot light in close proximity making the journey more uncomfortable and claustrophobic. The van finally stopped meaning they had arrived at their destination.
The drama of the court hearing behind him, Felix Collins, handcuffs by the wrists, a broken and disgraced man, was helped off his seat and stood up as felt the relief of the cramped journey drain from his legs. He was escorted to the back of the transport vehicle which now had the rear door open and he squinted as the sunlight hit his eyes that had endured two long hours of sensory deprivation.
‘Mind your step prisoner’ the driver coldly directed himself as he ushered Collins off the vehicle and down the three steps to the ground.
Collins clumsily complied, the circulation still not fully restored to his cramped legs, as he looked around and saw they were within the prison grounds.
There were towering metal fences and high concrete walls casting long shadows on the rough gravelled terrain beneath him. The construction of this edifice was definitely centred on keeping the prisoners in and the public safe. Collins gulped as the point of no return and realisation hit him. He was now in the prison system and at risk from villains, murderers, rapists and the like he was not used to. Gone was the possibility of choice, he would not have the safety of his unholy trilogy to keep him safe. No support from his fellow conspirators to direct him and he was now alone, something he did not like to admit to himself but had to face.

A short walk later, they were at the first of many doors that opened for him and then banged shut after him. The transport officer handed him over to a prison officer and his handcuffs were removed and his journey into hell continued.
The cuffs coming off were a relief, the hairs and skin under them had been uncomfortable for hours but he had no control or way of relieving the discomfort, now there was finally some.

The escorting officer held Collins by the elbow directing him through the doors and passageways, a maze of concrete that was quickly suffocating him as he went further in.
He walked down the cold corridors and finally taken to a small room. Collins was asked to strip naked.

‘Remove your clothing and put it in this bag Collins’ the guard said.

This was not a request but an order, he still needed to get used to being spoken to in this manner.

There was no politeness and just cold hard statements.

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