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Monday, 5 September 2016

Obsession of the damned


I have written and published a few books now.
All have their own originality and enjoyment factor but none more so than Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy). 

Mental Dental (MBP) is an ingenious and original work involving killer dentists and their seemingly undetectable crimes.
Mental Dental (MBP) can be described as “The Usual Suspects meets Dentistry”.

It is an enthralling and entangling story line dotted with clever deaths and psychopathic goings on in need of detection and need to be stopped. Mental Dental (MBP) is a unique story that will keep you guessing and hooked from start to finish.  The main character of the story struggles against all odds to overcome her status of murder suspect to Heroine. This is a nail biting thriller full of twists and turns, one you need to get your teeth into to (pun intended).  Following the sudden and unexpected death of a patient on the dentist chair in her practice, Dr Jessie Stack is facing her worst nightmare. Discredited and facing incarceration, she has to try and fathom out what really happened,  Accused of murder, her world in a spin, she now has to try and beat the charge and uncover the truth.  She embarks on a journey of discovery and detection to try solve the sinister psychopathic plot that is truly to blame and catch the menacing yet innovative perpetrators...  Mental Dental (MBP) is a challenge of the mind, your mind, pitching your detective skills to try and solve the conundrum she faces.  The reviews are few but the feedback encouraging. A lot of tongue in cheek and irregular cold killing but a compelling read.
As an author, this is the book I enjoyed writing the most and has certainly struck a chord with many readers, receiving great reviews. Although it has to yet sell the millions of copies I aspire to sell, it is a great story and will hopefully spurn more readers as it gets better known.
I have planned to write a sequel for a while.
Well here it is in the form of obsession of the damned or MDMBP II as it's subtitle.

This follows the story through to the next phase. It is: “what happened next” and hopefully equally as compelling and entertaining.
Watch out for twists and turns galore, murders and justice.

As with its predecessor, it is a work of fiction and as much as I enjoy writing it, it is a story and not “a manual for killers” so I hope it does not inspire anyone to copy the methods.