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Monday, 26 September 2016

A mixed bag

RPG Books 

How many Gibraltarian authors do you know? I bet I am the first one...  Not many of us about. Here's a reason to intrigue you into having a punt at a Gibraltarian author's books. 

There a choice of genres and books to entertain that are intriguing and different.
They feel right and allow the reader to drift off,  enjoying the experience.

The marketing of them could be better,  I admit that but my reason for wanting you to read them is purely for a great story to be known and shared.They are warm, original and a glimpse into modern life and culture. 

Great stories... To fulfil the requirements of any reader. Comedy, thrillers, contemporary horror, inspirational and interesting. 

Take a look at my author page on Amazon and choose

The process is pick one,  read one and tell your friends.
Well have a try of one and absorb yourself within the stories.