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Friday, 19 February 2016

Infants fun and educational book

Extending my portfolio of books, I have written and illustrated a book for infants.
It is called I Don't Like It
It is a pre-school / early years easy read for the parents to read with the child.
It is about learning to eat new foods and trying new flavours / textures, aimed at the difficult eaters.
It will be fun without the drag of a difficult dining experience that some families suffer.
The inspiration for this was my nephew, who for many years, was only eating chicken nuggets and chips!
No Fruit, no veg, no other meats, just chicken nuggets and chips!
A few tweaks are needed and then, it will be available for all to read, hopefully as an interactive book on kindle, but also as a colour paperback.
As I said, the illustrations will be mine too...
Here is the working cover: