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Friday, 12 February 2016

Self publishing with creative minds

Having a creative mind is liberating and fresh however it can be a bit of a bind too.
I try to remain present and engaged with the otherwise mundane, whilst constantly thinking about doing the same differently and better.
I work in the health sector and I am always striving to make a difference, to administer quality to those under our supervision and care in the best possible way.
The same goes for my writing.
I am forever thinking of new stories and inspired to write "differently"
Yes the books may have a few editing issues in them and they may never make a "classics" list but that isn't why I write.
I write to enjoy the moments of creativity, constructing these thoughts, to share my ideas which are firing in my synapses and put them down on a shareable format and words are the tool.
Being able to publish these to the world is a big plus in this day and age without the rigmarole of publishing contracts.
One can quietly develop a story and be able to make it available for public consumption and enjoyment without the stressors that formalised contractual agreements can have.
The converse of this is that there are millions of books out there so how does one make it to a readable list without promoting it with book signings and support of the publishing giants infrastructure?
Well this is hard work, in relative terms.
My hope remains that the books are read and word of mouth / electronic shares / recommendations and reviews make these books I have created, a must read.
Having published eight books now, one remains hopeful that the creativity will continue and more will follow. The portfolio increases and the stories are being read and enjoyed.
So hats off to all of you in the same boat... keep writing, enjoy what you do and continue to inspire new books.