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Thursday, 11 February 2016

A wee glimpse into the book

Here's a snippet from Hilarity in the Hills
They came across a small field that had a lovely black horse and a goat in it. Pierce, a true “townie” had not had much exposure to country life and wanted to greet his new neighbours. He approached the animals and noted that although they acknowledged his presence, they were not approaching him with the same curiosity. He thought ‘these animals are really well trained; they are keeping to the perimeter of the field’. The rest of the family looked on as he detoured from the path to salute them. As he approached them with one hand extended in a gesture of openness and friendship, he could hear a faint intermittent clicking noise but thought nothing of it. The horse now was glaring at him and even the goat had stopped chewing on the grass that was still in its mouth and seemed to concentrate on this foreigner coming towards them. Pierce now felt his hand start to jerk and jump, off its own accord, as if in keeping to the clicks. ‘Hey chaps, look at this?’ he cried out, fascinated by this involuntary limb movement he was experiencing. ‘What the hell is this all about?’ He smiled as he observed this phenomenon unable to make out what was happening. ‘Move back you foolish man’ yelled his wife, ‘you are encroaching into an electric fence dumb ass!’ They all laughed hysterically as Ann now jumped on the band wagon saying ‘even the animals had more sense than you… they watched in bemused amazement at the human …’ she could not even finish her sentence as they all giggled and sniggered at this.
More within the covers....
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