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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Death Zone

It is little wonder there are so many ghost stories associated with hospitals.Hospitals accommodate many end of life scenarios. Some are expected but many are not. Not all that occurs in these edifices is negative but it can be a bit of a death zone...
Medications administered and stress effects on the brain can explain particularly haunting moments for patients but can they be explained for the healthcare professionals working there?

The presences encountered can be malevolent or benign, helpful or terrorising.It is the latter that most distresses the chance meetings with ghosts and ghouls, defined as people or even dark shapes.The Phantasms in the Infirmary series is a collection of some of the many encounters that numerous patients, visitors and healthcare workers have had. They have been added to in order to make the stories more readable than a couple of lines but they are based on a shared truth. 

Phantasms in the infirmary does not profess to be the "X-files" of hospital ghost stories but  it certainly lends itself to understanding many an unexplained occurrence in the many hospitals around the world, dotted with unexplained phenomena.