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Monday, 20 July 2015

Writing books - Challenging

Writing books is an ongoing hobby for me.
The story teller within me has loads to impart.
Ideas flow and I try to capture these thought bubbles into words.
The next step is to arrange the random plethora of words and ideas into a rational and flowing stream.
Once this is done, review the flow and see if it makes sense, is it engaging? Is the story working as well as it did in my head?
Next steps are getting the editing done, the cover work, the publishing and all the rest of the stuff that goes with it.
In-between all this, there are several interruptions to the work flow... the phone, work, life!!!

My aim is to one day write a book in a few days. Something contemporary in a genre that will lead to more sales but more importantly, more readers getting familiar with my work.
I think I have written 4 pieces that are contemporary and innovative. Four books that will challenge the readers imagination and novels that will stand out.

Having written and published 4 books (Legally Lucky, Mental Dental, Phobic Wars and Phantasms in the Infirmary .. all available on Amazon by the way..) the challenge remains marketing them.
As a self published author, the demands on my time are many.
I cannot seem to spare the time to go on book signings, tours and more time on social media promoting them!

Here is the link to them.... RPG Books
I hoped that the books would be discovered and enjoyed by many more people than what the results are.
Disappointing as it can be, its a labour of love and not a business.
I remain resolute that they will be seen, read, enjoyed and shared among many people.
One aspires to getting a book into film... and from these, there are possibilities that could one day become film... especially Mental Dental (Murder by Proxy). This was an exhilarating ride to write it and a blooming good read
In the meantime, I continue to writ more stories, have more ideas and even more interruptions!!!
Such is life eh!

Enjoy your day and if you need a break from the mundane or a challenge to your day, download a copy of one of my novels and read on.

When you do, please share your reviews and thanks in anticipation.

All the best