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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Battling bad reviews

I've just been on a LinkedIn forum and felt I needed to share this with you to ensure you are not disheartened by a poor review.  As aspiring authors we cannot expect glowing reviews all the time.

Keep up your spirits... Keep Writing.

Books, TV, Movies, Music.............. so many to choose from, because there are so many opinions, likes, dislikes, etc...........  not everyone is going to enjoy your writing content or style. A potential reader may still be interested enough in the content to purchase and read your book regardless of poor reviews. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  You can also take heed to what your negative reviews are telling you. Perhaps your writing style and mannerism is being confused with poor editing. You might ask for some examples from the reviewers and discuss them with your editor. You can also use those negative comments in a positive manner and learn from them to improve your writing skills for your next great book...............

Take a look at the reviews posted for your favorite "big name" authors and you'll realize it's best to just ignore negative reviews you receive. No one receives all five star reviews and even the NYT best-seller list authors receive some horrible reviews mixed in with the accolades.