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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Clever and different

Phobic Wars.
This was my second novel and it is thrilling story. It is a book that intertwines humanity, science fiction, science fact, fear, myth and complexity.
It is a tale with two sub plots that run concurrently through it: 
One story is about a Cockroach phobic man who fathoms out a solution to his phobia. The solution being to rid the world of cockroaches. 
The other story within it is about a woman whose chance discovery interacts with the first plot, resulting in explosive repercussions. 

Are cockroaches really our safeguard from an even worse evil? 
Was it Mother Nature’s plan to have these pests scuttling around us or was it a mistake? 
Within the covers of this book, you will discover that the extinction of roaches causes the resurgence of an evil that was quashed once, a long time ago. 
Now pets have started to disappear without a trace, crops being devoured and people are being hurt. 
Is there a way to halt this destruction? Is this the start of mankind’s extinction? 
Can nature’s equilibrium ever be restored? 

An original story which makes this book a unique read that addresses themes that are paramount if we intend to survive on this earth of ours… Its message is about caring for the planet we live, the environment and tolerance. Its that the  fine balance we all need to care for.

Phobic Wars is available on Kindle and Paperback - Treat yourself to a copy though this link.