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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Murderous psychopaths Extract... In more ways than one

An Exerpt from Mental Dental.... People have died,  murders with no killers...
Dr. Jessie Stack tries to extract the evidence and point the authorities to the potential perpetrators....

"As arranged, the doorbell rang at just after three in the afternoon, within the allotted hour. Jessie opened the door and there were two individuals in business suits on the path outside. ‘Detective sergeant Miller and this is detective constable Pearce’the older and more authoritarian man exclaimed as they both flashed their warrant cards at her. Jessie invited them in and as they came over the threshold, Jessie’s father introduced himself and his wife, offering them a cup of tea or coffee as they proceeded through to the living room. Both declined a drink and sat on the couches. ‘I must warn you again that these are very serious allegations that will not be taken lightly so you may want to have some legal representation with you before you say anything else’detective sergeant Miller stated.
Jessie replied by saying, ‘I have done nothing wrong to need any legal representation and I thank you for coming as if you just grant me a little time, I will prove to you’.
The police officers, slightly cocky and arrogant in their manner just looked at her and DC Pearce remarked, ‘well let’s see what you’ve got then?’
They listened attentively as Jessie explained how she had taken two weeks away to try and get some clarity over what had happened to her and the patient in her care, how she had made some investigations and now had a dossier of evidence and three possible suspects."

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