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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

World book day : Book covers explained

4 books with original covers.
What do they mean?

Let's examine them one by one...

Legally Lucky :
The man on the floor is me.
Its a story of plenty and hope,  money and friendship coupled with crime and justice. 
Originally I wanted a judge and lottery balls in the cover.  I listened!
The definitive cover depicts some of the plot of the story with money strewn around and the handcuffed author on the floor.  Created by one of my sons,  a graphic designer and whizz on photoshop.

Phobic Wars :
This one is about cockroaches and a fictional creation that is based on Greek myth of Medusa. It is continuing the Greek myth, particularly Atlantis within the body of the novel.
The destruction to humanity is depicted by the cityscape in the background...  I made this one and was pleased at the result.

Menta Dental (MBP) :
The cover was another one I designed and I wanted to make it funky.
The faces of the dentists are purposely repeated.  It allows for the theme of the book.  One dentist accused of murder and another in the back who is really to blame...  Clever I thought!!

Phantasms in the Infirmary :
This one is down to my son's magic with design and ideas.
This is a hospital horror story collection and the silhouette of the nurse on a black background with the white open door being instrumental.
It again depicts the open doorway between the world of the living and the dead. It's dark and menacing I hope.

Writing a book and associating a cover that works are a pleasure.

Again,  the stories on the covers are deep and well thought out in composition and meaning.

What are your thoughts?