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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Read something new, a breath of fresh air...

The preceding link will take you to my amazon author page.
Within the page link you will find 4 books.
Each book is similar in one way only,  they are written by me...  Well my last novel is Co-authored with my wife, Julie.

They are all works of fiction but all very different.

I can appreciate that self published authors will try to sell their books however this is not a hard sell.
This is steering you into a few hours of engagement with the stories.
Legally Lucky, Phobic Wars, Mental Dental are Phantasms in the Infirmary are enjoyable and engaging.
They have been precision engineered to satisfy your creative needs.
They inspire, entertain and help the reader gain some knowledge on certain subjects covered by the stories although the joy of reading is the main aim.

Go for it,  try one, two, three or all four.
You will not regret it and my aim of unlocking my books to the world will be achieved.
Thank you.