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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wise words of inspiration from the strangest of sources

Chinese food at the Crystal Palace,  old Harlow. 
Great food,  service and of course,  company of family.

After the harty meal,  sweets and fortune cookies...

The words contained in them are great motivation for all.
Amazingly,  this edible,odd shaped piece of folded dough offered written advice within its knowledgeable void.

The wise words echoed with my hopes.... 'All people who have achieved great things have been great dreamers'

Amigos, I dream of great things,  money,  a long life,  a cure for cancer,  ever lasting happiness and peace in the world.!!

I am confident that as my learned biscuity advisor states, it encourages us all to pursue our dreams, hopes and to never give up.

Keep dreaming and achieve.

If you have any other food inspired thoughts,  please share them on this blog.

Have a good one