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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Branded image of quality

I was reading an article on author branding,  see the link below.
Interesting reading and it made me think.... 
As an author of three books,  with more in the pipeline,  what would I like to brand myself with? 
Obviously something to do with my books,  something to represent the type of stories?
If it were an image,  which one?
One of the themes from those stories such as a Cockroach (Phobic Wars)? Not a pleasant picture...
A psychotic dentist or lottery balls!!!!
Anyway aim is to be associated with literature that is unique,  current,  original and memorable.  That's the brand is want to aspire to.
Branding is an issue in itself,  any help or hints with this would be appreciated.
I look forward to seeing your thoughts on this.
Please leave your comments and suggestions on this page
Gracias,  merci,  thanks