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Sunday, 2 April 2017


Harlow council posted something on Facebook about using the municipal dump instead of dumping stuff anywhere.... How ironic, given today's circumstances, no wonder people fly-tip!

Being a Sunday, the municipal dump gets busy, so the queue was long, so as I only had two items to dispose of, I parked my car on an area outside the municipal dump and walked to the gates.

As I to walk into the municipal dump with a couple of items I was be confronted by a security man, in a dump, ironic!!
What precious things was he guarding? Not sure but I accepted the presence of this person.

Anyway, he addressed me and stopped me and others going in because of 'health and safety'. He stated that no walk-in's were allowed. I was a walk in now.

Someone was run over last week apparently and therefore no walk-in's allowed.

I asked the individual to let me in for a moment (after all, I am able to follow green cross codes etc...) plus I was only two or three metres from the target destination and I would not be crossing a road or anything.. Again, I asked him to be reasonable.

He again asked me not to and when I argued, he then stated I was Queue jumping and if I did not like the rules not to use the facility.. I reminded him of a fact that I was paid for the use of this in my council tax.
He didn't care, he was there to blindly keep a rule that had no sense or substance to it and just be obstructive, unhelpful and a nuisance.

I walked away, despite the urge to leave him with the 6 foot broken blind and an old washing basket as an added adornment to the numerous piercings he sported. Alas, I didn't...

The sad ironic thing is this will increase fly-tipping and just because one individual was careless, the variables were stacked against him on the day, we now all had to suffer the 'little Hitler' enforcing unreasonable rules.

Was I aggrieved, what do you think?