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Friday, 10 February 2017

Happy endings

Looking for a soppy book with a happy ending?
If your answer is yes...  Then please DO NOT READ Mental Dental (MBP) and Obsession of the Damned.

The first two books of the unfinished trilogy.
There is a heroine, she does survive, at least in these books but is survival a worse fate than death?

A cliche but significant in the novels.
Learn what transpires to Dr Jessie Stack.
Deal with what she has to deal with.
Survive through intuitive detection.
Live the characters as they come alive in the books....  And die!

Murderous crime from the unexpected. Horrifically different and an ingenious plot that runs through the series.

Book three is getting written... However if you miss out on the first two, you won't get it and regret it.

Navigate to Amazon and endeavour to find them.
This is the first piece of detection.
Next is to choose your weapon- digital or paper?

Digital is cheaper and quicker to acquire, enabling you to get detecting and solving the many mysteries.

Once you have read them, it will leave you hungry for more... And I promise you, it's coming.

The unholy trilogy will be completed.