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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Politics mis-explained

My wife and I were enjoying a nice pot of tea and a scone with cream send jam in the sunshine today.  We'd just had a lovely,  cultured walk around the Gibberd Gardens in Harlow.  We were sitting outside the Gibberd tea room and overheard a father explain politics to his two children aged around 8-9 years.
Both of us feel terrible for not intervening in the indoctrination, brain-washing and utter balls this man was spouting... But protocol, politeness and not ruining the children's opinions of their mis-informed father was our choice, not to react...  One cannot change the world at times, energy fails and bigots exist, no matter what.

Anyway,  he was saying Frederick Gibberd was a great architect and that he designed Harlow for people who were non-aspiratonal, happy to live in bland housing and all looked the same... He was right about Gibberd being a visionary but that was the limit of his correctness.
He didn't like roundabouts, and Harlow does have a load,  however if he did not know how to manage a car around a roundabout, we would not hold that against him.

He then linked in politics...  Asking if they were aware of the main political parties in England..  Really???
Shouldn't he have spent time going around the gardens with his offspring and learning about art, sculpture, nature etc.  Rather than just sitting at the tea rooms!

He explained that conservatives allow those who work hard to make a difference to their lives,  labour was socialist and this was a slightly less extreme from communism and that these were not good for society!

We managed to remain outwardly calm and inwardly seething!

Is it any wonder that the world is full of misinformation and cruelty. These kids will grow up believing this rubbish.

What other 'lessons' are being downloaded to them via the parental units?

I doubt this blog will be read by these ignoramus couple but let's put some facts straight.

Socialism is not evil.
All opportunities are made by hard working people and they are not governed by the politics they follow.

Harlow people have aspirations,  aspirations to make Harlow a great place to live in, a safe community that allows equality.
The houses are similar but certainly not the same.
Harlow has a lot going for it and does not have People who have no aspiration...  Some people choose to live here because of the wealth of opportunities it offers, diversity and proximity to London, Cambridge etc.

The saving grace was that the children did not seem too bothered by dad's blurb as once he finished his misinformation, all they said was... Can we go and look at the sculptures now!!

Thankfully, they did!