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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Writers, authors or story tellers?

Why do we write?
It's certainly not for the money...
The artistry of blending words into sentences and giving life to our thoughts is more my thing.
Story telling in a written format is way of sharing a moment of thought and putting it on paper,  or pc nowadays!
It makes it solid and perpetual.

Writing a story that then turns into a novel is cool.
It is an escape of the mind into a relative reality.
Relaxation and disengagement from the pressure of life. 
I am not a professional writer and my books may not be prize winners but I like them and I like what they say.
Reviews are generally kind, thanks.
If and when there are less favourable ones,  well I feel it but you cannot please everyone all the time... Fact.

So am I an author? Am I a writer,  well yes as I like to look at the written word looking back at me.
I prefer story teller.
My aim is to be read and share my thoughts, dreams and hopes of leaving some joy and positivity behind.
It's not the money or immortality I crave,  just sharing my stories. That is my target and aim.