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Monday, 5 October 2015

New story evolving

The bright full moon shone on the stark looking edifice. St. Augastine's hospital was quiet and peaceful, apart from the occasional breeze whistling through the long corridors, you could say you could hear a pin drop. Now, the overwhelming silence, overpowering and all consuming was suddenly broken by a shrill scream of a woman's voice.
The fear was palpable as the young nurse was rooted to the spot,  her heart pounding within her chest, pale and hyperventilating, something scary had just happened.
Not only had the silence broken but a strange aroma began to fill the space. It was almost like the sulphur of a recently snuffed match.
The nurse tried to move but, somehow, her legs would just not work.
She felt incredibly cold and could even see the puffs of her erratic breathing form clouds as she exhaled.
A slow, steady tapping sound started at the far end of the corridor.
Her colleagues hurriedly came to her assistance only to be equally arrested by what they encountered, a strange and inexplicable form that darted from end to end of the four bedded bay, knocking the overhead lighting with the expanse of its form. It was huge, bizarre and dark, very dark.  The swollen blackness creating the tapping as it collided against the dimmed fluorescent bulbs.

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